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If the Columbia River has it, Angling Oregon has chased it. We offer full service trips on the Columbia River chasing all the fish it has to offer.  Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye, Sturgeon and the kids favorite Shad. We take great pride in offering a day of fishing you will always remember. 


We start our year focused on winter steelhead and keeper sturgeon on the Eastern Columbia River. When the spring salmon are running we follow them up the river targeting them where the bite is best. During the summer months we focus on delicious walleye along with oversized catch and release sturgeon. We also offer the most sought after Buoy 10 fall salmon trips. Join us as we chase salmon on the most well know fishery in  the Pacific NW. With an average of one million salmon each fall, it makes for the greatest fishing in the Pacific  N.W. 

So join Angling Oregon for a great unforgettable trip in our spacey 21' River Wild. Also, if you request your trip will be recorded you will receive a great video* of the expedition to the music of your choice in typical Angling Oregon fashion!

 •US Coast Guard OUPV 6 Pack Captain's License

 •State Of Oregon Gide License (#2416)

 •First Aid and CPR Trained

 •Fully Licensed and Insured


*(editing fee of $75-includes video on thumb-drive)

Salmon Trips

Chinook salmon are some of the funnest and feistiest fish to catch. We start our spring each year chasing Chinook in the Portland area until the season ends (usually first of April). From there we follow the fish up river targeting them where the bite is best and the season is open. Summer run Chinook are typical targeted below McNary Dam. When it comes to fall salmon we start August 1st at Buoy 10 located near Astoria Oregon. When the runs are strong Buoy 10 is lights out fishing.  With fresh fish right out of the ocean, it doesn't get any better.

Salmon Trip Prices

$200 Per Person

Buoy 10 

$225 Per Person

Steelhead Trips

Fishing for Steelhead is done in deep water above the McNary Dam. We generally fish Steelhead November-January. With some double digit days McNary Steelhead can be a lot of fun. They are strong healthy fighting fish! There is a low mark fish count so many go back, but what a better way to spend the day than catching Steelhead.

Steelhead Trip Prices

$175 per person

Walleye Trips:

If you've never eaten a Walleye your missing out! With generous limits and unlimited fishing opportunities Walleye are an awesome catch.  If you fish the spring or "Pre Spawn" fish you run the chance of boating a trophy female. But the post spawn and summer fishing is where the action is. Nothing better than a great Walleye fish taco!

Walleye Trip Prices

$175 Per Person

Sturgeon Trips

On January 1st of each year the retention season opens for Sturgeon.  The size slot is 43"-54". When the quota is full the Oregon Department of Fish and Game closes the season. I have to say its a toss-up between Walleye and Sturgeon as far as good eating. However when the season closes we focus on catch and release oversize fish. If you've never caught a 9' long dinosaur you are in for a treat! For oversize fish the best time is July and August.

Sturgeon Trip Prices

$175 Per Person

Shad Trips

Shad are just an all around fun fish to catch, and probably one of the hardest fighting pound per pound fish in the Columbia. When at the peak of the run its not uncommon to always have a fish on. Shad are great for kids because there is little to no down time and it gets hot and heavy!

Shad Trip Prices

$150 Per Person

*Kids Are Free! (Ages 16 and under)

CONTACT US @ (541) 720-3271

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*Must have at least one adult present

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