Thank You

Angling Oregon is thankful to have your support. Its our goal to be able to help you enjoy the great Pacific North West.

Angling Oregon was started as a hobby but quickly grew to be much more.  We began making videos for our own enjoyment but found others enjoyed our down to earth approach and how we enjoyed our time on the water.  We are happy to share with you and maybe motivate you to get out yourself.


With the unpredicted success of our trips we thought we would use that platform to give back to the fishing community.  This site is designed to showcase what tackle we use and hope to provide them to you for a low cost.  We also offer full service Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye and Sturgeon trips on the Columbia River.  A cool addition is the unique service of capturing your trip on video.  We will edit the day and provide you a copy to remember your trip by. So join Angling Oregon and "Let's fish!"

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