The gotZem Two Piece Rod Holder is designed to hold the two rod halves together, yet apart, without damaging the rod. It is a two piece set. The large part was designed to attach to the reel seat, which is common on most fishing rods. It is thick and sturdy, and has small “knuckles” on the tip to “grab” the other half of the rod. The top piece slides down the top of the rod, then you just press the top piece of the other half into the same type of “knuckles” onto that piece. This top piece is only half the thickness, so as not to harm the tip of your rod. When assembled, there is enough room to get your fingers inside and carry your rod. There is no more “banging” your rod halves together. The rod is now able to be stored upright, like a rod should be stored. When you get to the river, simply take both pieces and put them in your pocket until it’s time to store your rod again. gotZem Rod Holders are made from top of the line injection molded rubber. And of course, made right here in the good old USA!

gotZem Rod Holder

SKU: AO3004

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